Effective Communication Skills

Communication Skills Training Course – One Day

Learn practical tools that you can use in real-life situations.

  • Improve your communication skills: Become more clear, convincing and persuasive
  • Gain more confidence; present your message with more assurance
  • How to specify the exact meaning, so there is no misunderstanding
  • The proper (and improper) use of humour and office banter
  • Handle conflict situations and difficult conversations with the right amount of assertiveness
  • Effective use of body-language gestures and voice tones
  • The proper use of praise, appreciation and thanks: Always leave on a positive note


Learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with people who are facing similar situations as you.

About this Communication Skills Training Course

Training to help communicate more effectively with the best use of your words, voice tones and body language. Communicate more clearly and with more confidence: Learn new communication styles and listening skills.

Developing excellent communication skills course is important because everyone needs to effectively communicate their message.

We all need to know new tools and techniques to help us improve our personal communication style.

You need good communication skills to effectively communicate facts, feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

Developing your personal communication skills allows you to more clearly express yourself, so that others will understand you, agree with you and feel inspired.

In business communication, you may need to inform, persuade, negotiate, critique, inspire and motivate others.
Communicating effectively means, you may want to develop a higher degree of self-confidence, especially in high stress situations.

Management communication involves asking the right QUESTIONS and LISTENING to hear the answer.

In addition, effective communication includes developing the right level of assertiveness. Some people lack assertiveness, and some others are over-assertive. This is important because you sometimes need to have difficult conversations, and you need to project the right amount of assertiveness.

This Communication skills training programme contains some very useful material on how to improve your body language and voice tones.

Voice tones refers to the pitch, pace, volume accent of your voice.
Body language refers to the proper use of hand gestures, eye contact, body posture, facial expression, etc.

Your Communication skills should include the proper use of APPRECIATION and praise; since the lack of appreciation is a common fault.

This course also covers the correct (and incorrect) use of humour at work.

All this content is covered on this excellent one-day communication skills training course.
Please read the course programme and then book your place on this popular course.

Who should attend the course?

You should attend this effective communication skills course, if you:

  • Say to yourself “I know what I mean but I can’t explain it”
  • Need to set clear goals and targets for others to achieve
  • Need to be able to transfer information accurately
  • Believe that problems are often caused by miscommunication
  • Need to explain your exact meaning to others
  • Need to handle difficult people and conflict
  • Want more confidence in expressing your ideas

Benefits of good communication skills courses:

The benefits of this course are:

  • You will feel more confident to express your ideas and opinions with clarity and confidence.
  • You will get the best possible results from interviews and important meetings of all kinds.
  • You will avoid all the perils and costs of badly worded messages and mis-understandings.
  • You will feel happier to handle situations where you need to criticise other, potentially, difficult people.

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